What is is about Peanut Patch boiled peanuts that just make people better looking, more successful and more likely to win? We don’t know exactly, but we love to see how and where our fans snack on their favorite legume!

While Fishing

While Fishing

Fish will jump onto your hook just for a chance to get close to your Peanut Patch boiled peanuts!


At The BBQ

Milkshakes may bring all the boys to the yard, but boiled peanuts are what brings them to the barbecue.

While Tailgating


What’s that old phrase? Peanut Patch boiled peanuts in the tailgate, your team guaranteed to win by at least eight?

At Work

At Work

Forget coffee! Boiled peanuts are the ultimate brain food to keep you motivated, creative and way more likely to get that promotion.


In a Highchair

Trapped in a highchair? Might as well enjoy yourself! Lets face it, even babies love Peanut Patch boiled peanuts.


Anywhere with Friends

Peanut Patch boiled peanuts were made for sharing with friends. These little girls know whats up.


By the Pool

What could be better than floating in a cool pool on a hot summer day with some delicious Peanut Patch boiled peanuts?

school play

At School

This has got to be the cutest and smartest Peanut Patch ‘farmer’ there ever was.

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