It’s no secret that only the best peanuts make it from land to can at Peanut Patch. Wonder how we decide which ones make the cut? Farmer McCall shows off why our peanuts are always named Best in Shell.

What Makes a Good Boiled Peanut?

boiled peanuts

Visual Appearance

Just look at this pretty peanut strut her stuff! She’s clean, stemless, and has a consistent shell color. With a look that won’t quit, she’s definitely the pick of the litter!

Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts How to Pick
boiled peanuts

Shell Integrity

This peanut’s smooth shell makes her the envy of every other legume in the competition. She’s just an all-around credit to her breed.

Boiled Peanut Smell
boiled peanuts


This lovely specimen is as fragrant as she is beautiful. We foresee a bright future for her. (Until she’s eaten, that is.)