Shell, yes!

Sure, there are other ways to eat a boiled peanut. But this is how the peanut professionals do it.

That’s nuts!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat boiled peanuts this way. We’re just saying—okay, yeah, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Step 1: Coax It Out of Its Shell

Pinch the peanutPinch that peanut and gently squeeze the shell until it pops open.howtoeat_check
Take it out to dinnerMaybe give it a little tickle and take it out for a nice dinner.howtoeat_x

Step 2: Let Loose the Juice

Slurp that suckerPut aside all your highfalutin principles of civilized dining and slurp that sucker!howtoeat_check
Milk the peanutPull up a stool and attempt to milk the peanut like it’s a tiny dairy cow.howtoeat_x

Step 3: Consume the Legume

EnjoyMarvel at your good fortune and eat that bad boy all by yourself!howtoeat_check
Slice it upSlice it into 16 equal portions and share with your friends, family, and neighbors.howtoeat_x

Step 4: Dispose of the Evidence

Throw away the shellThrow that shell away! Or (even better) compost it.howtoeat_check
Wrap it with a bowWrap it with an attractive bow and give it to a loved one on his/her birthday.howtoeat_x